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Thursday, January 23, 2014

hand-written letters

Have you ever wondered how your life could possibly impact someone else?  Have you asked yourself what the point of life is?  How many times have you questioned your worth?

I am sure that you have heard it before that you were made for a purpose.  That is true, but sometimes we just need more than that.  Sometimes we need to be told exactly what the heck is going on and why.  But usually, we don't get what we want...funny how that works.  At the perfect moment, we are led through all the confusion to a place where we find hope.  

I would like to share one of those times from my life.

I have a thing about letters.  The old fashioned kind that are hand-written. tucked in a secret place until you find it.  or sent in the mail.  They are tangible words that I can play over and over in my heart.  Have you thought of the Bible as letters that God wrote to you?  hand-written, waiting for you to read it and tuck into the secret places of your heart to remember His eternal love for you.  The first time I understood that, I was blown away!...but after a while it seemed to be less significant.  The newness of such a concept wore off.  

So, later on, during a period of anger and rebellion, I was at the end of myself.  I didn't understand the reason for life, I couldn't see my purpose, and I believed that my impact on the world around me was nothing more than grain of sand on the shore, just waiting to be swept away by the tide.  I convinced myself that the thought of God being personal, caring for every individual, was impossible and a fantasy that people allowed themselves to believe.  It seemed foolish to read a book written thousands of years ago as if it were created just for me.  Then God smiled and showed me something.

We have not only been given a letter from God...
we ARE letters. 

We are being written day by day, a testament of His grace and faithfulness.  Our purpose is to share that with others who need it.  We are letters written "not with ink, but with the Holy Spirit."  We have not been written on paper or stone, but we are written on human hearts.  Our lives are being read by all those around us.  

So our purpose?  Simple.  We need to be open and available to love on people for who they are and where they are in their lives, so they can "read" us and see the love of God shine through.  It's a pretty big task, but what a great purpose!   

"You yourselves are our letter of recommendation, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all. And you show that you are a letter from Christ delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts."
2 Corinthians 3:2-3